You Are Not Alone – Email Marketing Mayhem

I recently read on Copyblogger that 4 simple words could easily skyrocket the open rate of an email sent to a mailing list. So I decided to test this myself. I’ve been growing the list on this particular blog for quite a while now and it has reached around 5000 with pretty good open rates (around 30%) so if I can improve on that I’ll be very happy.

Copyblogger (one of my favourite blogs, which I highly recommend) stated that by using the subject line “you are not alone” you can improve your open rate to 90% and above. Very interesting indeed. Luckily I already had a topic for my email – the recent Google farmer update, and I decided I could bend the subject line to fit that message.

Meet the Big Panda . . .

If you haven’t heard of the recent Google update (code named Big Panda I think) then I’ll quickly give you a run through. The good people over at Google towers recently announced that they were going to tweak the algorithm in order to cut away from the search results lots of (what they consider) low quality web pages. This mainly relates to web pages which were intentionally keyword stuffed in order to rank for certain keywords with very little agenda except to garner a click through to a sales or landing page. and were the two big losers in this change and they’ve seen enormous drops in traffic.

So the email to my list explained this, and went on to say that many webmasters who utilize article marketing have recently seen drops in traffic as a result, hence the subject line: You Are Not Alone.

Here’s the cool bit . . .

The open rate of that email shot up to 64%! But what’s really interesting here is the implications of such a statement getting such a huge response. As Sean Platt suggests, we all want to feel connected. We want to empathize and feel empathy.

When I worked in an office, before I had a full time internet marketing business to run from home, I always fantasised about the money and freedom this business would give me, but I completely overlooked the sense of community you get with internet marketing too. One of the major bonuses of being a full time internet marketer is that I get to interact daily with so many like minded, interesting people.

Give it a go . . .

Provided you have a message that fit’s the subject line You Are Not Alone, give it a try and I’m sure you’ll see some interesting results.

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