What does a “real” breakfast entail?

What does a “real” breakfast entail? This is a question that has long troubled mankind. People have their own opinions. Some say cold cereal others say hot cereal. There are those who swear by yogurt and granola, and those who swear by yogurt and fruit. There are some yogis out there who swear that a wheatgrass shake is the ideal way to start the morning, while their more traditional surfer cousins advocate for a banana-based smoothie. The purest will tell you that you need nothing more than toast, while the redneck will demand some variety of meat to be present.


While all these people have legitimate arguments behind their breakfast inclinations, I believe that there is only one “real” breakfast: pancakes, eggs (sunny-side up of course), bacon, toast, and coffee. The pancakes, fluffy, cake-like, and sweet provide a robust way to start the morning. The eggs add an element of delicacy to the meal; after all, a sunny-side up eggs is quite a treat for the eyes (and taste buds). Bacon is self-explanatory; it goes will with essentially anything, but its true colors fully come out between 6 and 11 in the morning. Toast acts as a neutralizer for the whole meal, and with good butter, becomes quite tasty on its own. Coffee while not crucial is a well-welcomed, timeless addition. By coffee, I don’t mean a pumpkin, eggnog, huckleberry, squash latte from Starbucks. I mean straight brewed coffee, either black, or with milk and sugar. If coffee is not you thing, either English breakfast tea, or fresh squeezed OJ can replace it. All these of elements amalgamate into a morning treat that is well worth the work. While some may say that it’s unhealthy, and others may complain that it leaves you feeling “heavy”, it is still the ideal way to start any morning.

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