Use Two Numbers With Single Sim

We are here with a great news for all android and iOS users. Now all Android and iOS users can use more than one number by using single sim card only. Now days we all are living dual life one is our professional and other one is personal life. Its not easy to manage both professional and personal life with only single number. Sometime peoples who want three different numbers have to buy a new handset. This proves costly for some peoples.

If you want to use more than one number on your phone, then we have an great news for you. Now it is possible to use more than one number with just a single sim card. It is possible through an app called Text ME. This app can be downloaded by android users form link given below or from Google Play’s Store. Users can use this app perform free call or real-text messages to others with a new number without changing the sim card.

Prerequisite For Using Text ME Apk

How To Use Text Me Apk

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