Tuna Conserva Sandwich from GTA

Tuna Conserva Sandwich from GTA. If I had to rank the three sandwiches I’ve had from GTA (turkey reuben, brisket, and this one), it’d look like this: tie. I can’t pick one I like the best. Each one is so unique.


Back to the tuna. If I had one complaint, it’d be that the tuna was perhaps a bit bland, but the saltiness of the olives in the bread made up for that. This sandwich is a perfect example of why high quality olive oil makes a difference.

The greens didn’t overpower, letting the true flavors of the tuna come out. Quality tuna is perhaps one of the most overlooked meats out there. It’s rich, juicy, and flavorful. Once again, this was yet another essentially flawless sandwich from GTA.

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