The Importance of Fresh

I’ve never been very good about salads – not about eating them, and not about making them. They were the thing I knew I should eat, but pushed off till last and avoided entirely if possible. But ever so slowly over the last two years, I’ve been more and more fascinated by these creations. Because they are so truly simple – no ‘cooking’ required! And yet achieving success is no simple matter – it requires attention, a taste for pairing, and a little bit inspiration. The potential for surprising your audience with the combination of ingredients in a salad continues to amaze me.

But as I’ve discovered a fascination for salads I’ve realized that the most important choices you make are the very first – selecting high quality, fresh ingredients. This is where Angelina and I both having CSA memberships starts to become incredibly exciting. We’ll each be getting a box of farm fresh produce every other week. I see these boxes as a sort of culinary challenge that we must cook our way out of to win. So with the first of Angelina’s salad makings as a goal to consume, I found a recipe for roasted beet, peach, and goat cheese salad that sounded incredible. Topped with chopped pistachios and shallots to round out the flavors, and with a dressing of walnut oil and balsamic vinaigrette, this salad was nothing short of amazing.

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