Scams, Myths & Gurus

Scams . . .

I received an email recently from someone who subscribes to my list asking whether is a scam. After reading various threads on forums he was worried that were shaving payments from affiliates. He included a few links so I decided to take a look.

Sure enough there it was. At least three forum threads claiming that do not pay their affiliates. Well thankfully I never stumbled across this before I started promoting markethealth products. I started a niche website back in February 2010 that now pays out around $1000+ every month without fail.

This got me thinking . . . . I wonder how many other things we read on forums or social networking sites we just blindly believe?

Myths . . .

Early in my affiliate marketing career (LOL – just 2 years ago) I believed all kinds of crazy SEO myths. For example:

“Building more than 35 backlinks in a day to a website will get you sandboxed or even de-indexed”

Yeh right! There are waaaaay too many variables involved in SEO for a statement of this kind to ever work. But I read it on a forum, believed the person writing it knew what he was talking about and blindly followed that rule.

Worst of all (and I‘m ashamed to say it) I even recited this “fact” to other people who, for all I know, might still be following it.

I’m sure this is happening all over the web right now and it’s making internet marketers everywhere become tired and frustrated.

Guru’s . . .

The Guru’s (you know who you are) understand this. They see this weakness and they swoop in with a new “push button system” or  “business in a box.”

This is EXACTLY what you must avoid at all costs! Affiliate marketing is about making an emotional connection with your customers. If you have a good product that solves your customers problem, or get’s them excited, then you will make sales as long as you can get it in front of them.

Yes it takes a little work. But once you see a trickle of sales into your account you should feel confident that a great flood is usually behind it. As long as you keep pumping the well (your niche) you’ll see more money flow in.

The internet connects you with a vast well of potential customers. It’s your job, as an affiliate, to tap into that resource. Learn the skills that will allow you to do that and you’ll be able to achieve any level of income you desire. Provided you’re willing to put the work in of course.

So be careful with what you believe on forums, social media and blog posts. Stick to making your customers happy and avoid the big guru product launches.

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