“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well…”

…if one has not dined well.” —-Virginia Woolf

The material we fuel our body with is so important – it’s a fact that’s been driven home in my life during the last year as I’ve gone gluten free. I’m lucky enough (well, that’s how I’m choosing to see it!) to have a body that provides me with instant feedback when I eat food that falls outside of what is actually good for my body. Eating gluten free during the school year was so difficult with the constant rush, rush, rush noise of school and work in the background. And this summer, these brunches, have been partially about giving myself the opportunity the really explore the boundaries of cooking *good* food gluten free. Don’t think something can be done and made well? Hand it to me, I’ll try it. And with very few exceptions, we’ve had great success. Still working on Challah, but we’ll get there 😉

We ventured out to the farmer’s market this week for the massive supply of eggs we needed (33!), and found fantastic locally grown peppers and shiitake (!!) mushrooms as well. These built the base of the mini frittatas, which, with Ange’s astute addition of a cup of milk were fluffy and delicious.

Kaiserschmarrn is one of the first things that someone suggested my twelve year old self would *love* off of a German menu when we moved to Garmisch – and it was love at first bite. Serious Eats posted a recipe for it this week that made my mouth water at the memories, but something about the recipe just didn’t seem quite right. This recipe from All Recipes on the other hand seemed more authentic, and the result was *exactly* how I remember it: absolutely delicious. We didn’t have raisins on hand, and used rum-soaked cherries instead – I would imagine most dried fruits would be delicious here. We also served it with Lingonberry sauce (from Ikea!), which worked out beautifully. And the recipe held up fantastically with gluten free flour – in some ways better because it doesn’t sit as heavily with you afterwards!

It’s so, so nice to know that I can make good, traditional food, and do it healthfully. I love feeding this crowd of people, and a crowd it was today! There was so much chatter in the living room we had to move around in order to actually be able to hear who you were talking to, and not just get the crossbreeze of the various other conversations. The cold brewed coffee was fun – we used five tablespoons of coffee in large pitcher – I’d do 8 – 10 next time, it wasn’t quite the flavorful experience I like my coffee to be 🙂

Thanks so much to the crew who came out this week. I love getting to see everyone, I love getting to cook for you all, and I am so grateful to know you.

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