Market Samurai Review

Hey guys,

Market Samurai have just launched their aff program so I
thought I’d try to *cash in* by giving you my take on why it’s so awsome.
(how’s that for honesty! :D


It’s FREE to try it anyway so I suggest you do so if you haven’t already:

You can download and start using the best keyword tool in the industry HERE

Now I don’t use it to it’s full potential at all, there just aren’t enough
hours in a day for me to fully understand everything that’s going on in
MS but there are 3 things in particular that rock my world apart from
it’s obv use as a great kwd finding tool and I’m looking forward to
using every aspect of it as time marches on.

Here’s a quickie on what rocks on MS:

1) SEO Comp – This allows you to analyse the strength of your
competitors, in any niche. The color coding really helps, plus it
also let’s you see how well your comp has done their on-site SEO
for a particular term. You can work out in seconds what you must
do to in order to smash your comp in to the ground.

2) There is a setting called SEOV – Turn this on and it gives you the
amount of money being spent on PPC for this KWD. Obv there are
many factors that go into what makes money for you on a particular
kwd but this has helped me become laser targeted to chase ONLY killer
kwds that I know for a fact have $$$ potential.

3) Rank checker – load up your ALL your URLS and all of the kwds you
want to rank for and then just hit ‘update’ everytime you’re in MS. That
way you have a record of how things are going and you can track your
progress. This is a massive time saver for me as well as a great motivator.
I love firing up the Rank checker more than any other MS item.

Market Samurai really is the affiliate marketing Swiss army knife that every marketer should own.


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