Making coffee with a Chemex

Making coffee with a Chemex every morning can get a bit boring, and while constantly tasting excellent, there is a lack of surprises involved (good and bad). This morning I decided to to make my coffee using moka pot.

Often mistaken as a stovetop espresso machine, coffee is placed in a lower chamber and is forced by pressure to an upper chamber. The result is somewhere between an espresso and turkish coffee. From start to finish the whole process took me no more than ten minutes.

Ideally espresso beans are used with a moka pot, but being out espresso beans, I used Ethiopian Yirgachaffe beans roasted for drip/Chemex. Last night I used these beans to make Chemex, and it was a bit watery and weak, but when used to the moka pot, the taste was sweet and tart, with a consistency slightly thinner than an espresso.

Like an espresso, flavors were highlighted. Blueberry, cocoa, and carmel, it was almost overpowering, but noting unpalatable. Unlike an espresso, however, there was fine sediment on the bottom of the cup, but because of it’s consistency it was drinkable. A moka pot produces a bit more coffee than an espresso machine, and I was able to sit down and read my newspaper, something difficult to do with an espresso.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with grind size and water temperature in the future, and the lack of variables should yield varied it consistent results.

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