Local goodness

My mouth is burning with the flavor of freshfreshFRESH vegetables! I got my very first CSA box from Tantre Farms, and I’m SO EXCITED! 🙂 As I cleaned, I nibbled on everything and was overwhelmed with the fresh flavors. Kroger greens ain’t got nothing on this!

Having cleaned and looked over my veggies, I’ve made some basic plans for their usage. I wilted my spinach and froze it so there’s some time on that, but I’m definitely planning on trying this spinach pasta or something similar soon. I’ve got a good week of salad greens: arugula (oh! how I love you, arugula! My favorite salad greed by far), baby lettuce (so soft and tender), and white hakurei greens (a bit bitter). I’ve set aside some greens for either stir fry or a summer soup of some sort: radish greens, spinach stems and kale (kale, why oh why can’t I ever master you??). In addition to the greens, I got white hakurei turnips, red radishes (oh, so lovely and tart! I stopped buying grocery story radishes ages ago because they were so bland and mild), garlic scapes (OH. MY. GOD. Delish.), and asparagus. And finally, some herbs: oregano and lemon balm (which I’m looking forward to having in some iced tea). Finally, finally, this week we got a special gift: sauerkraut from The Brinery. Being Russian, I of course love pickled and fermented goodies. 🙂 I am very much looking forward to trying new recipes, to being guilted into eating well, to having a fridge bursting with goodness.

In other news, Cait moved out, and we’re living apart for the first time in 3 years. 🙁 But we’re going to keep cooking together! In fact, we have a dinner planned for this Friday (which will actually be the first group cooking we’ve done in a while, I think).

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