“Inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons!”

The full quote is: “”Our ancient word of courage, fair Saint George, inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons!” – Shakespeare, Richard the Third

What do you do when you run out of inspiration? Cait and I have recently run out of steam with regards to our brunches. We’ve made the dishes we’ve wanted to try, attempted the tricksy things, had a few repeats, and now don’t know which direction to turn. Part of the problem is that cooking breakfast-like items is very limiting — you can only do so many variations on pancakes. We’ve settled into a routine: one carb dish, one egg dish, fruit salad, mimosas, and one other dish. How do we break out of this rut? Where do we find inspiration?


In this search for inspiration and in order to shop for healthier foods, we went to the farmer’s market on Saturday. In addition to purchasing two raspberry bushes for the farmhouse (yay!), we bought fresh eggs from local farmers as well as the most amazing bacon I’ve ever eaten. That bacon….oh, that bacon! Such thick cuts, so juicy and crispy at the same time! Bacon so good that Cait M. had some (okay, she had it because it was a local pig who probably had a decent life and a decent death prior to being…oh…I just made the pig very real…now I kinda regret eating him).This Sunday, we certainly deserved the Japanese calligraphy of bacon that Michael made for us.

In addition to that amazing bacon, Cait made these lovely, lemony blueberry pancakes — pancakes that were 90% blueberries, I should say. She also found my favorite frittata recipe thus far, a very savory roasted red pepper and potato frittata. Perhaps she shall post it in the recipes section of our site…?

A delicious brunch. A simple brunch, smaller, shared with our regulars. Low-key and relaxing.

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