“…A fine, pedantic sunshine in a satin vest.”

For years, I’ve been wanting to pack up a bag full of fruit, fresh bread, cheese, honey, salad and just stroll out into nature with a friend or two. Well, I finally got around to doing just that yesterday evening, and it was perfect.

The day had dawned gray and damp and continued on throughout the afternoon and during my walk home, but an hour before we were supposed to head out, the sun came out, and the evening was radiant. We headed to Matthaei Botanical Gardens, which I’d never visited before, and walked along the trails, admiring wild flowers, little streams, mating dragonflies, and other lovelies of nature. Finally, we arrived at a little river-side bench and sat down to eat our meal.


The picnic included the most delightful pasta salad with feta cheese and olives which I’d found the recipe for in the Joy of Cooking (recipe here). Also part of the meal: whole wheat bread according to Rose Levy Berenbaum, ricotta cheese whipped to fluffiness, farmer’s market cherry tomatoes, honey, fresh cherries, and homemade jam. Consumed while sitting there next to that little river, with a friend by my side…absolutely delightful.Who’s up for the next picnic?

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