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The past two days have been pretty rough

The past two days have been pretty rough. Something went terribly wrong when roasting my Ethiopian coffee beans, and I was forced to drink coffee that tasted like soy beans. I then roasted some Kenyan French Mission beans from The Conservatory for Coffee Tea & Cocoa 1, and I present...

Travel & Food

My accidental lunch: an apple, Gruyère, and Kenyan

My accidental lunch: an apple, Gruyère, and Kenyan French Mission 1 chilled coffee. 2 Originally I was going to have a cup of chilled coffee and get on with my day, until I spotted an unmarked slab of Gruyère and an apple in the fridge. Sitting down at the table...

Travel & Food

Making coffee with a Chemex

Making coffee with a Chemex every morning can get a bit boring, and while constantly tasting excellent, there is a lack of surprises involved (good and bad). This morning I decided to to make my coffee using moka pot. Often mistaken as a stovetop espresso machine, coffee is placed in...

Travel & Food

33,000 Feet of Coffee

Forgive me. I am drinking Seattle’s Best. Flying from Orlando to LA, I want to stay awake to avoid jet lag. Having never used melatonin successfully, I decided to give Seattle’s Best a chance. This actually wasn’t a conscious decision. While sipping on tomato juice, a stressed looking stewardess came...

Travel & Food

Lunch at Sun of a Gun

When I think of seafood restaurants in LA, Gladstones and The Charthouse come to mind . Before eating at Son of a Gun Restaurant yesterday, I had never enjoyed decent seafood from a restaurant, partly because of spending my summers on Kauai, and partly because going out for seafood is...

Travel & Food

Dinner at The Praire Canary

Tuesday means tuna casserole at the dining hall for dinner. Other option are available, but just the idea of eating dinner in the proximity of tuna casserole was enough for me and a couple of friends to venture into the hustle and bustle of Grinnell, Iowa to enjoy our town’s...

Travel & Food

Espresso versus pour over?

Espresso versus pour over? A question that has no tangible answer. Just to clarify, I use the word “pour over” regarding the Japanese brewing method. Not frenchpress or Mr. Coffee. The Japanese method ensures that the brewer has ultimate control over the coffee, which means desired results can be pinpointed...

Travel & Food

Ever since I was given a coffee roaster

Ever since I was given a coffee roaster, I’ve been content making my coffee at home. This afternoon I was by my favorite coffee shop, The Refinery, and stopped in for a pour over. The Refinery consistently delivers quality coffee without the scene found at Intelligensia. Their menu is constantly...

Travel & Food

Irv’s Burger: A Real Burger Stand

I’m going to a premier of an Arnold Schwarzenegger film tonight and I haven’t had a decent burger since January. These two events normally don’t coincide, but tonight thanks to Irv’s Burgers they will. My hankering for a burger began this afternoon while reading reviews of the Apple Pan on...

Travel & Food

Lunch at Forage

First of all, I’d like to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday on various social media sites. I’m pretty sure you guys are the main readers of my blog, so your birthday wished meant a lot to me. Anyways, today I had lunch at Silverlake’s Forage. Plates of...

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